Drawing Review 

The best time to find problems is before a project is built. It takes years of experience to know where problems are likely to arise in the construction process. Drawing review is one of the most difficult, but essential tasks to ensure project completion on time and on budget, but more often than not it is not done well enough to prevent problems in the field. We are here to help.


Find problems before they're built.

Our comprehensive drawing review process includes drawing management and RFI tracking services as well as coordination with all subcontractors providing drawings for the project. Each set of plans is reviewed in detail and closely scrutinized for accuracy and completeness.  


$60/hour Mon - Fri
$90/hour Sat - Sun

$45/hour Mon - Fri
$67.50/hour Sat - Sun




Outsource the busywork and focus on the project.

Don't get wrapped up in the constant cycle of questions and answers. Focus on construction and leave the checking to us.